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Women are some of the most important members of any community. They are the mothers, the sisters, the daughters, and the support for male members of their community at large. But women need other women to support and educate them on their journey, and at DAC Enterprises, Inc. Boston, we provide reliable, empowering woman’s programming and educational training to help them on their paths.

Our programming includes classes and seminars that enable women to become more in tune with themselves and foster personal growth and development. Courses take an inter-generational approach with participants of any age, allowing for a deeper learning experience for all involved.

Deborah Cox, executive and founder of DAC Enterprises, first formed this non profit organization after recognizing the needs of women in her community. The African-American population in particular was facing serious concerns, and she sought to empower members from within. She and her team at DAC Enterprises, Inc. Boston strive to bring people together for the good of the whole.

We offer the following woman’s programming in Boston, MA:

• I Am W.O.M.A.N.
• Women’s Retreats
• Building a Viable Support System
• Personal Health and Wellbeing
• Safety Awareness
• Basic Needs of Men and Women
• The History of Women in America
• And More!

Each of these programs helps the participants gain valuable personal and social insight, and the course components can be tailored to meet specific participant needs. All courses and seminars are hosted by a professional instructor and contain proven curriculum that helps empower community members to do more and be more. Arrange for a meeting with one of our staff to discuss enrollment in one of our woman’s programming courses or register to attend a women’s seminar or retreat today!

First time customers get $25 off any retreat we host.

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