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A community is a group of people who share common identities, concerns, or interests. Often, smaller communities can band together within a larger one out of fear or lack of opportunity. At DAC (Developing Active Communities) Enterprises, Inc. Boston, our goal is to educate and empower individual members of communities, both large and small, to help affect change across the Boston, MA area.

By reaching in and working with smaller communities and individual members, we give those we work with the skills and knowledge to increase control over their lives. Knowing how to negotiate your way through the large community as it is—rather than sit silently and wait for it to become how it should be—can help a person not just survive, but thrive and work towards a better tomorrow.

In addition to our ongoing community capacity building programs, we also hold community empowerment training, retreats, conferences, and have access to a network of professionals who are also part of an ongoing speaker’s bureau for each of these events. Hosting these events enables us to be a community building organization devoted to empowering and educating members of our community.

Other activities we host for community empowerment in Boston, MA include our annual outreach and fundraising initiatives. Annual events include:

• Mother’s Day Brunch
• Jazz Brunch
• Let’s Make A Deal Lottery Event
• Annual Spelling Bee
• Oldies But Goodies Event
• Mother Daughter Seminar Luncheon

Each event includes an educational component or a speaker, and all money earned is poured directly back into our community building programs. Schedule a visit at our office to talk about getting involved with DAC Enterprises, Inc. Boston.

We love volunteers and first time customers get $25 off any retreat of their choice!

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