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“Think Globally Act Locally” are the words that spoke to us when we first began developing our community building programs. At DAC Enterprises, Inc. Boston, our goal is to effect wide-scale change by reaching out and developing individuals within a community. We work with all generations of women to teach self-awareness and preservation skills, encourage activism, and foster empowerment for future generations.

DAC Enterprises, Inc. Boston founder and executive director Deborah Cox first developed this non-profit organization to address concerns and issues within the African-American community. She decided to focus specifically on women’s issues as she recognized how women have great potential to affect change across the board.

Both Deborah and the entire staff at DAC Enterprises, Inc. Boston strive to be lynchpins in the community totally devoted to helping bring people together. We do this by hosting training, seminars, retreats, and camps for all ages of women in the community. Our goal with these activities is to foster lasting friendships, promote positive images and create opportunities for empowerment and multigenerational learning.

We serve Boston, MA and the surrounding area, offering a wide range of programming for families, and a particular focus on women's issues, community image and empowerment courses and more. For the general public and fundraising, we host several annual events: Mother’s Day Brunch, Mother-Daughter Seminar Luncheon, Spelling Bees, Oldies but Goodies event, and more! All proceeds from these events support all aspects of our programming.

For information on our programs, visit our offices between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM on Monday through Friday or call during our flexible hours on the weekend! First time customers receive $25 off any retreat we offer!

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